Ipel Exhibition

The 15th specialized exhibition of iPEL Show 2019 was held in an area of 14000 square meters with more than 120 exhibitors in the fields of industrial livestock, poultry, aquaculture feed machineries, cattle industry equipment and machineries, weighing, air conditioning and refrigerating systems, livestock, poultry, aquaculture feed and supplementary, supply and production of mineral shells, oil seeds, inputs and fat powder, medicine and feed inputs production, production and supply of vaccines and animal serums, livestock and honey bee breeding and supply and production of breeding. This show was held in Mashhad International Exhibition Center Between 9-12 July, 2019 and over 9,000 people visited it.

Promoting and advertising of the show was carried out through many news websites, national media, social networks, and official government organizations.

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About Ipel

INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF LIVESTOCK, POULTRY, ANIMAL FEED AND RELATED INDUSTRIES OF MASHHAD is one the most significant events of this industry which attracts a large number of professionals from different provinces of Iran as well as other countries. The 15th edition of iPEL exhibition will be held with participation of professionals and trade delegations from Portugal, Spain, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan that will provide an opportunity for international negotiations.

fields of activity


animal husbandry equipment, breeding equipment, animal slaughter equipment, milking and disinfect equipment, packaging equipment, cooling equipment, air conditioning equipment, weighing equipment, carriage equipment, laboratory equipment


Design and establishment of meat, chicken and fish production, trade of electronic equipment for animal husbandry, security systems, technical consultancy, specialized journals, bank and insurance, official organizations


feed, fish powder, concentrate, mineral oysters, feed supplements, fat powder, oilseed, birds pellet, production and distributing of supplements, mineral micronized powders and corn production, wheat and grain


Medicine and feed inputs production, veterinary vaccines and biologic materials, serums, animal feed premix, feed and medical supplements, animal licks, injection liquids, disposal equipment, veterinary equipment, fatty acid and oilseeds


Ornamental fish and pets

Ornamental fish and pets



Ostrich, turkey, one-day chicken, laying hen and poultry breeding


Gallery of exhibitions held

Collection of photos of exhibitions held