iFood Expo Mashhad

The 20th Edition of iFood Mashhad 2019 was held from 17-20 December, 2019 in an area of 7000 Sqm with participation of 120 national and international companies.

Over 4500 people visited this event that most of them were expert visitors. More than 20 trade delegations from different countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria visited this event and they were satisfied.

Along with the event, there were several sub events like holding a conference on the development of regional scientific cooperation on food industry with the participation of researchers from Iraq and Syria, holding a workshop on the printing system for food packaging, etc.

The opening ceremony was held with the participation of Managing Director of Food, Medicine and Health Office of Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, Supervisor of Deputy of Economic and Development Resources of Khorasan Razavi Governorate, Head of Agriculture-Jahad of Khorasan Razavi, and Manager of Alternant Industries of Agriculture-Jahad of Khorasan Razavi.

The 20th edition of iFood Mashhad Exhibition will be held from 18 to 21 of December at Mashhad International Exhibition Center.

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“About iFood Network.”

The iFood network is a chain of international exhibitions that help to develop and advance the food industry and its related industries, introduce the latest technology and capabilities of domestic and foreign artisans, and increase the field of bilateral and multilateral cooperation between producers and companies in Iran, neighboring countries and Central Asia are formed. After its success in Mashhad as the economic gateway of Central Asia, iFood has selected Shiraz as the economic hub of the south of the country and has then held a specialized exhibition of food industry in Tehran.

iFood Expo Shiraz

The city of Shiraz, capital of Fars Province, has a pivotal role in food and agriculture

industry. It is one of the major centers for developing commercial ties with Arab states of Persian Gulf and African countries, and therefore plays a significant part in growth and expansion of economic interactions in southern Iran. Accordingly, we hold iFoodExpo Shiraz as the second link in the chain of iFood exhibitions with the help of official national and local organizations and associations: this event is held with supports of Fars Industrial Estates Company and under patronage of Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, as well as Industry, Mine & Trade organization of Fars Province and Agricultural Organization of Fars Province.

The objective of this exhibition is to develop domestic and foreign markets and to increase exports/imports both in quality and volume. For more information please check the website:

fields of activity

Sweets & Chocolates

Chocolate Products-Cacao Products- Chocolate Covering-Chocolates for diabetics and low-calorie chocolates- Chewing gum- Jellies and Pastilles

Bakery & Confectionery

Bakery products- Confectionery products- Bakery improvers- Cookies & Biscuits- Breads- Pastries- Sugar confectionery- Honey and jams

Food Processing & Packaging

Basic food technology- Milking technology- Pasta technology- Bakery technology- Meat processing technology- Fish processing technology- Convenience food technology- Dairy technology- Beverage technology- Coffee, tea, tobacco technology- Aroma and spice technology- Ice cream technology- Packaging & Logistics- Packaging machinery- Packaging materials- Automation, data processing- Controlling and regulation -technology Analytical, laboratory and -measuring equipment- Hygiene technology- Refrigeration and cooling -technology

Milk, Dairy & Meat

Meat and Poultry-Dairy products- Cheese products-Ice cream-Fresh meat-Frozen Meats-Meat by -products- Packaged meat-Sausage products

Food & Ingredients

Vegetable products- lPasta products- Fruit and berry products- Sugar and syrups- Herbs, spices and seasonings- Sauces, ketchup, dressings- mustard- Sea products- Essential oils, flavoring- essences- Organic ingredients- Flavors- Hydrocolloids- Food additives- Yeasts- Fats and oils- Cereal products- Ferments- Mineral-


Herbal drinks and beverages-Soft drinks and non-alcoholic juices-Tea & Coffee Products-Iced Teas-Sports Drinks-Functional Juices-Flavored Waters-Flavored tea-Coffee beans-Instant coffee-Coffee machines-Fruit juices and concentrates

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