Printing and packaging exhibition

The eighth exhibition of printing, packaging, carton industry, advertising, calendar and desktop publishing was held between 17 to 20 Dec , 2019 in Mashhad International Exhibition Center. This event was held concurrent with Bank, Stock and Insurance Exhibition and the exhibition of Leather and Textile.

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About mpap

Mashhad International Exhibition Center has been founded in 1993 in western part of Mashhad, and covers an area of 65,000 square meters. It officially opened in 1998, benefiting modern and standard equipment to assist prompting the exhibition industry and also trade communications in the region.

fields of activity


Digital and industrial printing, offset printing, printing machines and tools, etc.


Panel industry, advertising, related services and supplies



Packaging machines, wrappers, shearing and labels

Paper and cardboard

Paper, cartons and cardboard and carton machines and carton making supplies

Gallery of exhibitions held

Collection of photos from recent exhibitions

Ways to communicate