Organo Food Exhibition

Mashhad organic Food Exhibition aimed at introducing and developing natural products and healthy food market. The exhibition’s areas of activity include organic products, medicinal herbs, healthy food, sanitary food having health and safety certificate, dried fruit and nuts, natural flowers and plants and domestic jobs.

The Mashhad Food Festival will be held concurrent with Mashhad organic Food Exhibition by the presence of restaurants, fast foods, traditional restaurants, coffee shops and confectioneries.

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About Organo Food

The Organic Exhibition of Mashhad focuses on the retail trade of organic food products. The Organo Food Exhibition is aimed at developing food quality, providing visitors a right understanding of organic products and expanding B to B business. This exhibition provides a special opportunity for trade buyers who are looking to source the best organic food and beverages. This event is specialized at organic products, medicinal plants, healthy food, certificated food, dried fruits and nuts, natural flowers and plants and home jobs. Concurrent with this event, Mashhad Food Festival is held in which the traditional food restaurants, fast food restaurants, coffee shops and confectionaries will participate.

fields of activity

Selling natural food

the field of activity of this exhibition is organic products, medicinal plants, healthy food, healthy and with healthy apples, nuts and dried fruits, natural flowers and plants and home businesses.

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